Products - Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing is extremely important in determining the quality and efficiency of laser bonding. For this purpose, we offer specially formulated heat shrink tubing of various sizes. Check the following table for stocked sizes. Custom sizes can be made upon request. In addition we also resale silicone shrink tubing for certain laser bonding applications

P/N Min. Expanded ID (in) Max. Recovered ID (in) Max. Recovered WT (in ref.)
ST-MD-201 0.043 0.012 0.006
ST-MD-202 0.060 0.016 0.007
ST-MD-203 0.082 0.029 0.007
ST-MD-204 0.093 0.034 0.007
ST-MD-205 0.120 0.037 0.007
ST-MD-208 0.188 0.060 0.023