Products - Spindles and Chucks

We provide an array of spindles and sample holding chucks
Click to see large picture DDS200
Direct Drive Spindle with Built-in Driver and Encoder
  • Direct drive motor, speed up to 1500 RPM
  • Built-in motion controller and driver
  • Can work standalone
  • Accept ASCII commands
  • Support RS485 serial communication
  • Quick switch over for all chucks
  • Built-in quardrature encoder
  • Compatible with all chucks
  • Compatible with all powered close/open fixtures
  • D-Sub connector
Click to see large picture Gapless Microchuck
  • Three jaw gapless design
  • Stainless steel body
  • Hole opening 0-0.038"
  • Rotational run-off <0.002
  • Slide-open ring and latch (thread ring version available
  • Spring close
  • Smooth hole transition allow sample loading from both sides
  • Two #8-32 set screws for quick change over
  • Great for holding support mandrels
Click to see large picture Tuohy Borst Chuck

  • Tuohy borst design
  • Stainless steel body
  • silicone rubber inserts
  • Three sizes available
  • Hold tubing up to 9 French
  • Custom size available
  • 2 #6-32 set screws for easy change mounting
  • Great to hold tubing directly
Click to see large picture Segmented Chuck
  • Segmented structure design
  • Only 1.75" in outside diameter
  • Large opening 0-1/4" continuous
  • Easy sample loading from both sides
  • Stainless steel base plates
  • 2 #6-32 for easy change over
  • Hold both mandrel and tubing
  • Powered close/open fixture
Click to see large picture
2-Jaw flattened balloon chuck

  • Plastic jaws
  • Both powered and manual open/close
  • Latch open
  • 2 #6-32 set screws for easy change over
  • Can directly hole flattened balloon
  • Used to hold very long balloons during laser bonding


Luer lock chuck 
Luer lock chuck
  • Can directly hold catheter with molded luer during laser bonding
  • Fairlock for easy installation and removal to/from spindle shaft